Day 4: Driiiiiiviinnngg

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 at 7:37 pm

That’s pretty much all we did today.  The day got off to an exciting start when we came upon this free outdoor scrap iron sculpture garden, Lakenenland Sculpture Park, just outside of Marquette! 

We drove along the eastern end of the south shore of Lake Superior which provided some beautiful scenery, and we saw another bald eagle sitting on the top of a tree, some cranes (sandhills?) hanging out in the middle of the freaking median, and lots and lots of sleeping deer on the side of the road… er something. 

20080408155048_pict0008.jpg20080408155017_pict0009.jpgWe took a little side jaunt to Munising Falls in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  We had to dodge a disturbing amount of dog poo, but the waterfall was beautiful! 

We went through the town of Christmas, but did not see Santa, and we went through the 20080408154856_pict0012.jpgsupposed moose capital of Michigan, and saw no moose!  Things were starting to get a bit boring.  20080408154841_pict0018.jpgThen we crossed into Canada.  Even more boring.  And weirdly easy.  And then we drove, and drove, and drove…  Highlights since entering Canada include Nate and I doing an amazing "Fairytale of New York" duet, and watching "Survivorman" on Canadian cable. 

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One Response to “Day 4: Driiiiiiviinnngg”

  1. Mary Jo Says:

    Yes, that waterfall is beautiful–I remember having been there way with my family way back when I was still in school-not sure which school, but I remember seeing it–minus the dog poo though. I sure am enjoying your travelogue–hope you’re able to keep it up, kind of glad I wasn’t along for that duet though. Crossing into Canada is always easy–coming back into the USA is a little more difficult, but doesn’t have to be, just takes a little longer as the lines coming back in are longer because they have to stop and question everybody.