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Friday, February 2nd, 2007 at 12:11 pm

  1. We’re back!  Ghana and Scotland each deserve their own post, but the brief summary is: unbelievably cool.  Really interesting, educational, and fun, great people, great scenery, and delicious food and drink.
  2. Broomball is back!  This week we had games on Tuesday (we won 3-1, I scored by batting one in out of the air and Peter K had two amazing goals), Thursday (we won 2-0, I scored from the edge and Jason worked some serious magic), then have a makeup game scheduled tomorrow!  (plus normal games in the week, plus my team at work is playing Monday)  Holy broomball, Batman!
  3. It’s cold.  Really, really cold.  -9F air temp when I walked Bruno this morning, we only made it two blocks before his little paws got full of ice and he was limping so we hustled back — too fast, it turned out.  He got all excited running home and saw our neighbor and picked up speed and I caught my boot on the sidewalk and wiped out really hard on my bad knee.  Damn.  Probably ok, but man did that dog walk suck.
  4. Yep, cold.  The next three days the high temp is going to be maybe 0F with windchills in the -20 to -30 range.
  5. Karen got a job!!  She can post more, but briefly in her words: "I get to be outside in beautiful places, working with people and ecology, educating and raising awareness about issues that are important to me, and facilitating restoration and land conservation.  I pretty much feel like I just won the lottery.  Like I can’t believe I get to do all this stuff AND get paid for it!"
  6. Her having a steady job is actually a really excited new phase for us – when I arrived in St. Paul she had just quit the nonprofit she’d been with for years and picked up temp work before deciding to go back to school.  It’s been a hectic three years, and I gotta say I’m looking forward to this next step – and super proud of her.  Way to go, kid!

More as we continue to catch up and recoup from our trip – we’re both still fighting colds, her more than me.  Stupid colds.  Peace and stay warm!  Go Bears!

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6 Responses to “Quick update”

  1. troy Says:

    Missed you guys! Thanks for the card!!!

  2. Q Says:

    Yay Scotland and Ghana! It was so awesome to see you and get to share some amazing sights with you. And tell Karen congrats again on the job, that’s so exciting! Lame about the colds and knee, but it sounds like you’ve got a ton of great stuff going on and coming up in the near future! I’m already getting super excited for the wedding!

  3. Mary Jo Says:

    We’ve got the same weather–you really didn’t have to share it, did you?
    Why don’t you get Bruno some “doggie boots” to protect his “little (?) paws”? My friend in Alaska has them for her dog and swears by them–without them his paws freeze to the ice among other things.
    That job just had Karen’s name all over it from what I read when it was posted–good thing they realized it too.

  4. Rick Says:

    Yeah for the quick update! And yeah for our trip, yeah for Broomball victories, and super-yeah for Karen’s job. Not yeah for the cold and your knee – hope it’s ok.

  5. mps Says:

    So much info packed into this quick update! Broomball sounds great. The cold was here too but I think we just caught the tail end of it when we got back; now it’s balmy – due to be in the 50s the next two days. I’m really sorry about your knee. Damn. I hope it doesn’t set you back too much or too long. Sorry about the colds too. And congrats again to Karen on getting the job and yay for both of you in starting this new step in your lives together.

  6. Peter Says:

    Yay! I have to say I was getting quite bored with the kitchen trash post. Next time you leave, put up a picture of yourselves for all of us to look at. Or better yet, put up a picture of me.

    I need trip pictures stat! You gonna post a bunch somewhere . . . or hook the camera up to Cody’s projection screen for a viewing?

    ps – your dog is a wimp. Even tho he beats up my dog.