Some weather guy’s getting fired…

Posted by Nate in Weather.
Saturday, February 24th, 2007 at 4:51 pm

So we’re supposed to be in the middle of a HUGE winter storm.  They’ve been salting the streets since Thursday, since Friday rush hour was supposed to be an ice and snow fiasco.  It was, how do I say, not a fiasco.  Sure, it spit a little, but really nothing.  And today, we were supposed to wake up to 2-5 inches of fresh snow.  Instead, wunids_map.gifit spit some more ice for a while this morning, and we’re looking at MAYBE a quarter inch.  See the map at right, taken as I write this:

So far, like all winter, last fall, and summer, the storm is hitting south, east, and west of the metro area.  Major drought conditions here…  Sure, they’re still saying it’s going to turn it up a notch any minute now and start really dumping some snow, and sure, it’s snowing right now, but this still doesn’t look like the sort of storm that’s going to leave 15-18 inches by tomorrow…

Fingers crossed.  Come on, mama nature!  I’ve stocked up on brewing supplies so I’m ready to be snowed in!  Bruno wants to go snowshoeing!  Do it for old time’s sake!

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3 Responses to “Some weather guy’s getting fired…”

  1. nator Says:

    So, the weather service is saying we’ve picked up about 3 inches of snow by 6:30 pm. And it’s time to admit that I forgot the total precipitation map I linked to is actual water content, not inches of snow. Not sure how they do that, exactly, maybe by weight? Anyway, now it shows about .5 inches of water, and apparently the normal conversion is about 1 inch of water to 10 inches of snow, but since this started with so much ice it’s actually about 3 inches. Whew. Keep it coming!

  2. Rick Says:

    So the suspense doesn’t kill us – you’ll need to report the storm totals tomorrow. And then we’ll see who gets fired…

  3. Mary Jo Says:

    Well we’re getting hit enough for both of us. Besides having blizzard conditions we have already had almost 10 inches, with another 10-12 or more before this all ends, winding up with 22 total. Some areas south of us are having “thunder snow” and I hope it stays south of us as I really hate that.