Nous sommes arrives a Montreal!

Posted by Karen in Travel.
Thursday, April 10th, 2008 at 10:56 pm

Yeah, so no posting yesterday.  Wasn’t feeling it.  Here’s a re-cap though: we drove, and drove, and drove… we arrived in Montreal at rush hour, which was stressful, we had to navigate through crowds of people to20080410221234_pict0005.jpg get to one of Nate’s bars of choice, which was also stressful.  I was feeling overwhelmed by being in a city after days of small towns or no towns, so I went back to our room to chill and do some work while Nate went to a reception for his conference, and then out for a drink afterwards, where Nate’s boss Robin’s purse got stolen.  Maaaaajor bummer.  I watched the Senators-Penguins hockey game and saw a guy take a puck to the face.  Grody. 

This morning Nate went off to his conference and I went to the hotel gym.  The elliptical machines were in use by a couple of fem-bo20080411083531_poutine.jpgts (seriously, I thought they were going to blow a fuse and start on fire!), so I ran on the treadmill for awhile in an attempt to undo the damage of brewpub day.  Then I met Annette, Nate’s co-worker Brent’s wife, and the boys and a bunch of their little museum friends, and went for lunch.  Check out the plate of deliciousness in front of Nate!  That, my friends, is poutine – french fries, sauce, and cheese.  Mmmmm.

Then the boy20080410220924_pict0003.jpgs went back to their conference, and Annette and I wandered around the Gare Central for awhile, looking at all the yummy restaurants, the bakery, the Belgian chocolate place, and this amazing flower shop.  The we decided to go to Mont Royal.  We took the metro, then got on 2 wrong buses before figuring out the right one and heading to the top of "the mountain".  When we got there, it was a bit of a let down.  There were a bunch of young guys blasting lo20080411084737_dirtsurfer.jpgud music, drinking beer, and yelling stuff at people, which, you know, kind of makes it less pleasant. So we took a couple of photos, and then caught the same bus as it was coming down the mountain!  The highlight of that whole experience was meeting this guy, who had a Dirtsurfe20080411085037_dirtsurfer2.jpgr!  It was kind of like a snowboard with mountain bike wheels.  He rides the bus to the top of the hill and rides his Dirtsurfer down.  Whoa. It looked pretty fun, even though I’m so not into that whole adrenaline sport thing. 

We took the metro back, and somehow 20080411085241_go_canadiens.jpgwent out the wrong exit of our station, and found ourselves in the midst of a huge hockey rally!  Tonight was the first playoff game for the Montreal Canadiens and ooh doggy was the town on fire! 

I met Nate after his conference stuff, and a whole mess of people wanted to join him to go to his #1 brewpub of choice.  So we piled into a bunch of cabs and went there, only to find that it was waaaay too packed for us to even get in the door.  Nate was kind of the leader of the pack at that point so everyone was kind of looking for him to make a decision.  So we decided to walk to the nearest metro stop and go to the next brewpub on his list.  But we got to the metro stop and the ticket buying machine was broken and there was nobody working.  20080411085446_pub.jpgSo we walked some more to another stop and finally made it happen.  We ended up at a great little pub, had some dinner, some delicious beer, and got to watch the Canadiens win their first playoff game!

And so, all’s well that ends well.  I have big plans for tomorrow, but I’m not going to give you even a hint, in case I decide to be lazy instead!

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3 Responses to “Nous sommes arrives a Montreal!”

  1. Mary Jo Says:

    Great to see another post–sorry to see Robin’s purse getting stolen–kind of puts a damper on the start of things–sure hope she didn’t have her passport in there or too much money. That flower shop looks gorgeous, those colors are fantastic. Dad saw that same game and said the guy got hit in the head, 15 stitches, and has a lot of swelling but is planning on playing tonight if they can find a bigger helmet to fix over the swelling. Dad said to tell you he’s keeping up on all the Stanley Cup things—but what else is new?

  2. Rick Says:

    What a busy day! But it sounds like a lot of fun, and eating and drinking good things. Those flowers are like ones we saw in Nicaragua – pretty tropical for Montreal! The Avs won game one and tonight is game 2, go Hockey!

  3. troy Says:

    Whew… I just got online again and had a chance to catch up some. Sounds like a fantastic trip thus far. I can’t wait to see you both in May when Scott and I are up there! Travel safe!