Deck bench in action

Posted by Nate in Home Improvements.
Saturday, July 15th, 2006 at 9:23 pm

Day two of the bench construction, first thing was to cut the angles for the corner and finish driving the 8 million screws attaching the seat boards. Power screw gun essential. The screws that came with the brackets are all galvanized for use in pressure-treated wood, overkill for me, but at least they’ll hold up outdoors. I ended up buying some new deck screws while getting the lumber so I could match the color of the wood a little better.

Done! Next on the list is to get something to treat the lumber – I’m not going to seal it yet, but there are a few different products intended for new lumber like this, just to help get it "off on the right foot". Not sure what exactly that means but it sounds important from the reviews I’ve read… Also might replace the two seat boards on the smaller side – one of them is "cupping" a bit (curling up at the edges) and the other has two badly placed knots. I think I have enough left over lumber for those two short pieces, we’ll see.

…and here it is in action! I think they’re both making the sign for "delicious", since they’re eating Princess Torte from Wuollette Bakery. Whoa. Good times. I’m actually writing this on Karen’s laptop while sitting on the bench right now. It’s sweet, but it’s getting dark enough to make me realize we’ll need another lighting solution out here since it’s so darn appealing to hang out on during these hot summer nights… Yay.

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3 Responses to “Deck bench in action”

  1. Rick Says:

    Sweet! we were just talking to sierra and i came in and checked the blog and there were these great photos! Ya gotta love technology. The bench looks really nice, such a god use of space and so comfy. great work!

  2. mschroe Says:

    Too cool! The bench and table look so nice and cool and relaxing. You’re right about wanting to hang out there on these summer nights. That’s such a good memory I have of growing up. Hanging outside, the kids catching lighting bugs, the adults just sitting on the patio and relaxing…. We still have a nice lantern thing that is really yours and would be so very nice on your deck. Sometime when either you or we drive, it need to get to your place. Candle light, or some other soft lighting, is just what you need. You really know how to enjoy the summer!

    BTW, are there lighting bugs in Minneapolis?

  3. MJ Says:

    Wow, this is fantastic. Good thing for Jack that we’re hoping to get rid of our deck or I’d be after him to do something similar–not that I’d get anywhere if I did. We just got back from Traverse City a little while ago and I just had to check the blog to see if you had added any more about the deck, and what a surprise to see the bench done and in use.