Hard fought

Posted by Nate in Broomball.
Friday, January 27th, 2006 at 10:12 am

That’s about what we looked like during Wednesday’s broomball game: in the zone. We played our toughest opponent yet, and every goal, every defensive clear, every scuffle on the boards was life or death. They were a really talented team – very fast, good passing, good shooting, and good positioning. I think we won in the end simply because we wanted it more. Captain Peter was running himself ragged every shift on the ice, I thought he was going to die. Karen made some great saves – as usual – and Peter L. knocked in two sweet goals with his patented from-the-knees-stick-drag. Awesome.

And even though I left Karen plenty of time to post this entry and save me from having to brag, she didn’t. So now you get to hear about the Best. Shot. Ever. Seriously. We’re talking a nice crossing pass from their team to the left boards (our left). Peter K. and I both take off to get there, trying to beat one of their Fasty McFasterson players, and I realize we’re going to be way out of position if we miss it. So I call Peter off, tell him to stay center to either cut off the pass or be ready for my pass if I get it. After a big collision and some aggresive stickwork, I pop out with the ball, drifting away from the boards. We’re in their half of the ice, but barely, and everyone down-ice is calling for it: "Center!", "Boards!". I quickly surveyed the scene while settling the ball, and one thing stood out: The whole game, they’d plugged up the lane to the goal, pushing us to the boards in their zone – but now the lane was open. A single out-of-place defender was all that stood between me and the goalie…

I couldn’t resist. I wound up – keep in mind we’re almost at center ice – and let go the exact shot I wanted. Great speed, nice loft, a bit of drift… The defender reached for it and missed. The goalie moved into position and dropped to field it on the bounce… and it bounced / rolled right over his leg!! Goal!! Goal!!!!!!!!

It was the nail in the coffin for the other team. They’d come back strong and narrowed our lead to 4-3, but with that shot and only minutes left, we finally had them where we wanted them.

Go Sweepers!!!

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4 Responses to “Hard fought”

  1. Karen Says:

    Sorry I’ve dragged my feet on singing your praises Nator, because it really was beautiful. However, your description was so much better than what I would have put. My position in goal doesn’t allow me a great view of the action on the other half of the ice. What I saw was basically an amazing shot from really far away that no one was expecting, and hitting the net at that completely unstoppable angle, right in the upper corner. It was a thing of beauty. Put fear in the hearts of goalies everywhere. Nate’s really taken his game up a notch this year, as has the rest of our team. Now if only it would FREEZE so we could get out there and continue our total domination!

  2. m Says:

    Sounds like your team is incredible this year. And your play, Nate, sounds memorable. It was very modest of you to wait to give Karen a chance to post about the game. Given that she had a poor vantage point, I’m glad you finally broke down and wrote about it yourself.
    Broomball is such a cool game! I’m sorry we can’t watch a game, but love getting the updates.
    What’s up with the weather? are you having to cancel games? How many games left in the season?

  3. Rick Says:

    You should take up a third career as a sportscaster!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    She probably was afraid to write anything in case you decided to grade it again.
    No Sig