Color switcheroo

Posted by Karen in The Blog.
Monday, December 5th, 2005 at 10:20 pm

Our regular readers may have noticed the color change in our posts. Nate is the only one with format-changing capabilities on this here blog (so much for the "Duo" in "Duo Team". Although I guess he should get to be boss of something besides the basement), and for some crazy reason he initially made my posts blue, his posts red, when I’m always red. I mean what was he thinking? But enough concentrated whining on my part and the situation has finally been rectified. Phew. "First you ask to be red, knowing I’m always red." Name that movie. Hint:

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4 Responses to “Color switcheroo”

  1. m Says:

    Well, I’m glad you got that straightened out! As the to movie, I am clueless….
    On another note, Happy St. Nick’s Day!

  2. Peter Says:

    Greetings and salutations… you a Heather?

  3. m Says:

    Yeah, I vote for Heathers. So if we’re right, do we win the prize? Or at least give us another quote, I like this game….

  4. Karen Says:

    What is your damage? Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?