Happy St. Nicholas’ Day!

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005 at 10:24 am

Thanks to a well-timed call from Rick last night I was able to sneak out before Karen got home from class and get some emergency St. Nick’s day supplies… The time constraints – pizza dough rising, Karen coming home soon – and Bruno’s need for attention quickly made the night into a comedy of errors: I ran downstairs with the goodies intent on wrapping some of them, but of course all the available surfaces were full of crap or homebrew equipment. So I started working on the washer, setting the rest on the dryer, and within a minute SMASH went a glass container of pistachios. Bruno was immediately curious and I about exploded with a big "Bruno, NO!" trying to keep him away before he sliced his little paws to pieces. Got him upstairs, swept up the glass, wrapped some pieces, turned to pick something else up and SMASH went several precariously stacked beer bottles I’d been drying. Holy. Crap. Decided to abort the mission until more favorable conditions arose, so I wasn’t able to do the midnight stocking fill…

Finally this morning while Karen took Bruno for a walk I was able to finish the wrapping and stocking prep. I’d just blown the surprise by accident so the only surprise left was to hide the stockings. Bruno found his in no time, and quickly destroyed his now-ex-favorite squeaky toy. I wish Kong made squeaky toys, anyone know? Then Karen found mine and finally hers, and St. Nick’s day was a roaring success! Thanks for the warning, Rick!

To make this post a bit more visually interesting, here’s a really cool item we saw on Saturday but couldn’t document at the time – and I didn’t find out what it was until yesterday: light pillars. Apparently in the right conditions ice crystals can align in the sky in such a way that urban lights are reflected upwards in a really amazing pillar of light. It was incredible to see, and there are some great shots at that link. Check it out (click the slideshow link for more).

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One Response to “Happy St. Nicholas’ Day!”

  1. MJ Says:

    I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Bruno does not have “little paws”—I’ve seen his paws and also experienced one of them on my foot, and they definitely are not little.