Holy yard sale…

Posted by Nate in The '05 Move.
Monday, August 1st, 2005 at 11:04 pm

Here we see our neighbor hauling a "portable" "fireplace" into our "yard sale." Apparently the fireplace has a scrolling "flicker" effect with lights, but you can’t turn on the heat or it smells like "burning." As they say, one man’s stupid is another man’s awesome. (it sold) (quickly)

On the whole I have to rate the yard sale a raging success – if by raging I mean the raging pain in my back and total exhaustion that comes from two 10-hour days of setting up, sitting in the sun all day making nice talk with crazy people, then tearing down again. Actually, it wasn’t too bad; we did it with good people, so that helped. We made a decent chunk of money – but be warned: it’s more work than you think. To the point of almost not being worth it for just one house. You need some friends to help share the load. Draining. Whew. :)

But we made it, and today we opened a joint account for the house. It’s in both our names, we’ll each have checks and debit cards for the account, with the agreement it’s all for the house – like a lawnmower, etc. All the things I think I’ve thought of but know I haven’t…


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