Almost there…

Posted by Nate in The '05 Move.
Saturday, August 13th, 2005 at 5:55 pm

Final stages of packing. The dregs. Trying to leave just enough to clean with in the morning… By this time we’ve been going for almost 12 hours, and by the time we stopped working it had been about 16 hours of moving, and then 4 hours of cleaning the next day. Suuuucks. I tried to anticipate it – I knew we had more stuff to move, and had a bigger place to clean, but somehow I still underestimated the time.

What made it take so long? Well, all our "friends" had "weddings" to go to or some such nonsense, and couldn’t help. Ok, I take it back: the two friends that came over at 9 and helped until 4 were truly lifesavers. We’re still brainstorming how to pay them back, there’s no way we could have made it without them… Any ideas? Name the breakfast nook after them?


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