Homeowner’s Insurance

Posted by Nate in Homeowners.
Friday, July 8th, 2005 at 1:20 pm

As you can see below, I’ve just discovered how to make my new phone post images automatically to the blog! This will surely make for a more exciting visual experience, and hopefully add some depth to the posts — being worth a thousand words, and all… (Now if I could just get it to stop titling the post "A Picture Share!" Anyone? *)

Today’s topic: Insurance. We need it before we can close. Neither K nor I have ever had renter’s insurance, a combination of not wanting another payment and not feeling like we had enough valuables to insure. (Which, when I look at all my digital video gear and computer hardware, has been a pretty poor but lucky decision.) Anyway, the house itself will be covered automatically in the insurance, but it’s optional whether to insure the "contents". I think this time I’ll opt for yes and stop betting on luck…

* Found it – under settings, you can turn title display on or off. Looks like the default is off.

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