Winter relents: weekend fun!

Posted by Nate in Day to Day, Weather.
Sunday, January 27th, 2008 at 5:35 pm

20080127153000_2223800401_3a12bd0386_o.jpgWhew!  Our last two weeks have had subzero temps overnight and never broke into the teens in the day.  This weekend’s warmup has been just the shot of midwinter hope we needed!  Karen and I went ice skating at a nearby park today, and it was perfect – sun shining, great ice, and happy, smiling people.

Today hit nearly 40(!!) degrees, and tomorrow’s supposed to be the same.  They’re even talking about some rain, which may wreak some havoc on that evening’s broomball game, but overnight it’s supposed to fall back to below zero!  But hey, as long as the ice sticks around and we get some more snow soon, I can live with the ups and downs!

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4 Responses to “Winter relents: weekend fun!”

  1. Rick Says:

    What fun! looks like the ice was good, and not too crowded. Go get ’em in Broomball!

  2. troy Says:

    Rock on relief! Miss you guys! I got the pix and thank you! I still would love a fan-boy shirt for broomball, heh.

  3. Laurel Says:

    Sounds like fun! And it’s nice doing winter activities when it’s only cold, not frrreeezing!

  4. Mary Jo Says:

    Wow, it’s great to see Karen outside enjoying herself again–just look at that big smile.