Nate’s Tech Update

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Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 at 4:59 pm

screenshot1.pngHello from San Francisco!  I’m out here for a conference, and so far so good – we had ouu workshop this morning and it went really well.  Ended up running out of time — 3.5 hours always sounds like so much so we pad things out, but last year I think we ran out too.  Which sucks for the last guy (not me ;) ’cause he had some great material that we sort of had to skip over.  Ah well.

Wrote the next bit earlier but am posting it here:

I’m writing this while in-flight on my way to Museums and the Web 2007 in San Francisco. Jealous much??darter_u1_open_large.jpg

Last Wednesday I got my first (ever!) laptop, a Darter from System76. They’re a pretty sweet company selling preinstalled Linux machines – Ubuntu, in this case. I’m still tweaking the settings to get it the way I want it and getting used to all the little differences – I work with Linux all the time at work, but really only from a remote command line. This is my first Linux desktop, and I gotta say I love it. The desktop (Gnome) is awesome, I’m still adjusting to the file browser, and the sheer number of FREE apps available is just awesome. And it’s way, way better than Windows, or even OSX.

The next real question is battery life – I’ve got the LCD brightness cranked waaaay down right now and it’s still usable, and that seems to really help the power usage. Looks like I’m averaging about 14 watts at the moment with other 2 hours left. Sweet. Maybe watch a movie on the next leg of the flight.

Like I said, jealous much?

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4 Responses to “Nate’s Tech Update”

  1. Rick Says:

    Well, I’m probably more jealous of a sweet trip to San Fran than of your computer. Shows how much I’m not a computer guy, I guess. Glad your presentation went well. I figured it would – you’re good! Have fun. Love ya.

  2. freddie Says:

    All I have to say is “whoa!”

  3. Troy Says:

    Hmmm… I am going down to the basement apt. and see if the kid that lives down there can translate the computer lingo. I get that you are in San Fran. (welcome to my time zone kid) and that you got a new computer. From there it got muddy. It sounded like this kick-ass machine to do all sorts of thing we mere mortals could never dream. Then you say it plays movies. You are human afterall. Damn! The kid downstairs is still playing D

  4. Q Says:

    I would be jealous, except that’s what I’m in the middle of playing with too! Wheeee!