Catching Up is Hard To Do

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Friday, February 9th, 2007 at 11:33 pm

Soooo… it’s been awhile.  I just complained for a good 5 minutes to Nate about how WordPress blogs don’t make sense to me and I don’t know how to use it and that’s why I don’t post much since we switched from computer-dummy-friendly Blogger.  But let’s face it folks.  I’ve never posted as much as Nate, and ever since I stopped working in an office with a computer in front of me it’s been a pretty rare occurrence.  However… this week was my first week at my new awesome job that does entail some office and computer time.  So who knows what might happen?  Also, I bet if I would maybe make it a more frequent thing I might actually learn how to use it and not have to ask him every time I want to upload a stinkin photo.  So WordPress, I apologize for laying all the blame on you.  (But I still think you’re not very friendly.)

So we have some catching up to do!  We’ve got a birthday party, a Christmas celebration, a crazy adventure in Ghana and Scotland, a new job, and the moving out of a member of the Duoteam household to cover.  So let’s get to it.
Sierra’s birthday is December 11 (which also happens to be my sister’s birthday, weird).  A long time ago she was pretty dead-set on wanting a hot air balloon ride for her birthday.  But after some research, I had to break it to her:  honey, we love you, but we ainpict0024.JPG‘t spending no $400 on your birthday present.  So then she decided she wanted a party with a pinata.  Done.  Nate let her choose a beer for him to brew for her, and naturally it was a jalapeno cream ale for the little pinolera.  We had fun and festivities, so much so that we forgot to bust out a whole tray of 7-layer dip, some cool noise makers we got, and even her birthday pie!  But the pinata was a thing of glory.  We got one at the Midtown Global Market that was locally made and sooooo cool.  Sierra started it off, and almost everyone got to take a turn.  The thing was kind of unreal – even after a little candy started spilling out it still took a few more people to decapitate it! 
Although the party was for Sierra’s birthday, it really was (for Nate anyway) kind of a basement release party as well.  Nate proudly gave tours of his amazing work and was quite happy with the reaction.  Everyone was pretty impressed with the super cool floor.  And everyone kind of ended up hanging out down there, which was great since that was kind of the point of it all.  Yay.  All in all, it was a good time, and the Birthday Girl partied it up till there was nothing left to do but curl up with the dog for sierra-steals-bs-bed.jpga little nap.  But eventually the dog was crowding her so she claimed his bed for herself.  That’s a sign of a good party. 

Stay tuned for the next installment: Christmas!  Maybe I’ll even get to it while there’s still snow on the ground!  But I make no promises.


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2 Responses to “Catching Up is Hard To Do”

  1. mps Says:

    Yay! Not only did you do a post but you even uploaded four pictures. So maybe you and WordPress are settling your differences. Looks like the party was fantastic, much more fun than a hot-air balloon ride. It’s good to be hearing from the other half of the DuoTeam. Good work! Am looking forward to all of DuoTeam’s catch-up posts.

  2. Q Says:

    Yeah, I think I’m due for another burst of posting myself. Maybe even finish Greece. Who knows, you might even get to see some of the “this is what karen looks like in the morning” and “here she is brushing her teeth” pictures I took during your visit. ;)

    The birthday party looks like it was pretty awesome! I can’t wait to see the floor at a party of my own. Or maybe not of my own, but at least one I’m at.

    Keep ’em coming girl! And congrats again on the job, so awesome!