Birthday Dog

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Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 11:09 am

Bruno’s 4th birthday was 2 Saturdays ago.  This is how he demonstrated his maturity earlier in the week:



That would be our bedroom garbage, emptied, spread out, and partially consumed. 

Bruno rarely does naughty things, and when he does it’s usually fairly easy to figure out why.  I’m pretty certain this was his way of expressing his displeasure with the short walks and reduced amount of attention he’s been getting lately.  Sorry bud.  Little does he know he’s getting a road trip and long hikes on the north shore in a couple days.  All will be well again.

For Bruno’s birthday, he got the best bone ever, complete with bloody meat scraps still attached.  We gave it to him the day before Justin & Juliana’s baby shower, so he could get a little work done on it and make it less gross.  We took it away that night and gave it back to him the next day just as guests were arriving for the shower, and while he still insisted on being in the center of the room at all times, he didn’t try to steal food off of anyone’s plate even once.  He just chewed on his bone, and occasionally licked a baby.

Bruno also got a new chicken!  Here is what was left of his old chicken:






And here is his new chicken:






And now I would very much like for him to stop getting older.  4 years old is plenty.

Tomorrow we are off to the north shore, where we will hole up in a cabin on the Baptism River with Bruno, lots of good food, and our friend Mike Robrew (get it?).  We supposedly have internets, so we may just post a Thanksgiving report!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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6 Responses to “Birthday Dog”

  1. Rick Says:

    Awwwww. Bruno is the second cutest dog ever. Have a great time at the north shore, that sounds wonderful, and say hi to Mike for me. Watch for those good birds too.

  2. Mary Jo Says:

    Wow, Bruno had a great day there—-his old chicken sure was loved. We’re on our road trip now and in Nebraska for Thanksgiving. Sounds like you’ll have a really good one on the north shore–so glad you both could get away so you could relax at a beautiful place doing what you love to do–commune with nature and renew your acquaintance with Mike. Dad said you should say hi to Mike for him too

  3. troy Says:

    Bruno rocks! Have a great trip!

  4. steve Says:

    I remember chicken one wasn’t looking so good a year ago – looks like he did well to somehow survive another year. Nice that Brune gets the new chicken buddy 2. I hope you greeted Mike properly for me – I miss him, although Star gazing here isn’t so bad.

  5. Laurel Says:

    That’s too cute! Not much left of the original Suspicious Chicken. What carnage!

  6. Monica Says:

    Peacock’s coworker here to second the idea of placing a ban on dog aging. My big, fat, lazy, beautiful, wonderful ridgeback will be 10 in a few short weeks. Not sure why we sign up for this exactly – except that every time I look at him I know why. :-) A big friendly hello to Bruno and all his extra toes!