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Monday, October 23rd, 2006 at 9:11 pm

img_5348.jpgSo the marathon was awesome.  Made me want to run one.  Really.  Maybe.  Either way it was a sweet event, and the weekend trip was – as always – a ridiculous whirlwind visit, but very fun.  We made these hot fluorescent signs to wave as our runners went by, and it ended up being a great plan because some of the places we tried to catch them were like a constant stream of humanity rushing by and it became really hard to stay focused on looking for your person.  I had to keep envisioning what they were wearing and how they were running so I could find them, but they still saw us way before we saw them.  (The signs say Fredel and Laurie, it’s Laurel and Freddie mixed up.  Long story.  Jason made the "run damnu ruuunnnn" sign.  Don’t ask.  Also don’t ask about FroYoHoCho.)

pict0113.JPGHere’s a long distance shot of them behind a lady in a blue vest.  I know my dad got some video, but for now this is what I got.  They’ve got white shirts over black running gear and Freddie has a white hat.

img_5353.jpgAnd here they are at the finish – Freddie did me proud and grabbed a beer as soon as he crossed the finish line.  His IT band was flaring up really badly during the race and Laurel had some cramps in her legs and feet, but they made it!!  Color me impressed.

img_5337.jpgWe also got to have a nice lunch with Grandma and Grandpa – she’s been saving a beer I gave her for a few months and we finally cracked it open.  A nice belgian Grand Cru, yummy.  She even said it tastes like pineapple, which is totally a flavor I get from from that yeast!  True, we were also eating pineapple chunks at the time, but I think that just brought out the flavor in the beer, since it was honestly already there…  Clearly I got my discriminating beer taste from Grandma.

Overall, a great if hectic visit.  Now, if they would just STOP(!!!!) working on I-90 and 94 I would be much happier and maybe make that commute more often again…  Stupid "open-road tolling"…

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3 Responses to “Marathonathon”

  1. MJ Says:

    Was hoping to see something from the marathon. Glad to see they made it with only minor aches and pains–hopefully they were still minor yesterday.

  2. Rick Says:

    Great post on the marathon and visit. Yours was a more whirlwind visit than ours – we got to stay two extra days and visit a bit. I’ll try to edit the video soon and send it out! Loved seeing you and K and S.

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