3 days, 3 beers

Posted by Nate in Homebrewing.
Friday, October 27th, 2006 at 10:05 pm

The kegenator was looking pretty sad with nothing ready on tap, and what with the holidays fast approaching I knew some drastic measures were needed.  Behold!
(clockwise from the back)
Wednesday: Rye Stout (Christmas)
Thursday: Jalapeño Cream Ale (Sierra’s birthday)
Friday: Mild Ale brewed with wild rice (Thanksgiving)

Say it with me: yum.  Also have a pumpkin beer aging to perfection which should be the crown jewel of the Thanksgiving lineup, although I have to remember to save some for my dad – it’s one of his favorites.  And an attempted clone of Town Hall’s Thunderstorm, an amber ale brewed with orange blossom honey, lemongrass, and … coriander?  I forget.  Mine’s got the honey and I steeped a whole box of the Mandarin Orange Spice tea in there.  Really delicious so far.

(The shirts and tubs of water are twofold: the shirts block the light which can skunk the beer and the water wicks up the shirts keeping the beer nice and cool as it ferments)

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4 Responses to “3 days, 3 beers”

  1. Rick Says:

    Yum is right! And thanks for remembering to save me a pumpkin ale – I will look forward to it. The red wedding wine is now in the first clarification. Then we’ll rack it, clarify again and bottle. Then we’ll make the white wine – more yum!

  2. Q Says:

    Man, I’m feeling just a little bit jealous. Luckily it’s the weekend, so I can go get some new stuff to try from the BoA brewery. Don’t forget to save a few of those for me to try when I get back!

  3. Laurel Says:

    Is that the same jalapeno ale as you made last time? I think that’s one of my favorites of all time!!

  4. mps Says:

    All those beers do sound yummy, but my favorite part of this post is the picture. I love the way the Mild Ale brewed with wild rice looks in its button-down shirt – cute, but a bit camera-shy with its back turned to us.