More fun weekend photos (or, More fun with my new camera!)

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Monday, April 24th, 2006 at 11:10 am

Ooh, daffodils! We did that! Pretty soon it’s going to be all tulips – the first one looked like it might just open today!

Exoskeleton of a big ole bug. cooooool.

And this is a picture of the findings from our archaeological dig. When I was turning over the soil and mixing in compost in a corner of the garden I kept hitting really big, hard things. I started pulling random things out, but kept hitting more, so I kept trying to dig deeper. Finally I told Nate that I simply would not be able to move on if I didn’t know what was all down there, so he may as well come and help me. Which he did. It’s a really bad picture, but we mostly pulled out a bunch of huge rusty nails and wires, big pieces of painted glass, pieces of plates, some chunks of glass that looked as if they had been in a fire or struck by lightning or something, and a couple of what appear to be animal bones. Was it a pet cemetery? Probably not. Just someone’s garbage pit? Most likely. But perhaps they weren’t animal bones…

duhn duhn duhhnnn….

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2 Responses to “More fun weekend photos (or, More fun with my new camera!)”

  1. m Says:

    Cool! Bulbs are the best thing ever – you plant them in the fall, forget all about them, and then ta-da, here come all these pretty flowers. I think I remember that super-early morning last fall when you planted all your bulbs.

    Sounds like you found interesting stuff in your backyard. Nails, plates, and bones!! Wouldn’t you love to be able to find out more, hop on a time machine and go back to see what really went on?

    Your vegetable garden looks great, BTW!

  2. Q Schroe Says:

    Hey, that sounds like I a lot of the same stuff that we used to find in our chicken coop! Plus the occasional spoon or lego.