Un Jardin Bonito!

Posted by Nate in Garden, Landscaping.
Saturday, April 22nd, 2006 at 8:52 pm

Ok, so after Karen’s enthusiastic but detail-free post, I’ve been tasked with posting a few more pictures and notes. Here goes: First, some "before" pictures: on the left, the buried path, and on the right the garden as it existed a week ago.

First thing we did was dig out a new section of garden for raspberries and rhubarb. I’m putting in some edging left, and then tilling the surface – mixing compost and some new dirt.

Helpy doing his thing with the tomato bed frame, and me putting in the stakes for the pumpkin and cucumber trellis.

Karen making out with one of the cool little sun faces guarding the garden, and the tomatoes in the dirt with their stakes.

The trellis at left, we’re hoping it will support the cucumbers and pumpkins. Supposedly if we put the pumpkins in pantyhose legs and tie them to the trellis they’ll stay up and grow big without taking too much room in the garden. Finally, the path. While this is totally a temporary measure – we’re going to replace the whole thing with a sweet stone path done properly – it’s one thousand times better than the overgrown mess it was a week ago.

Ta da! A big long workday for both of us, but it was wonderful – working outside in the sun in our yard with our dog… (and beer on tap in the basement.) Ahhhh…

(oh yeah, we planted: raspberries, rhubarb, a hot chili pepper, basil, dill, cilantro, mint, rosemary, 4 kinds of tomatoes, a cinderella pumpkin, and some cucumbers. Whoa.)

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7 Responses to “Un Jardin Bonito!”

  1. MJ Says:

    This looks fantastic–bet you’ll both sleep good tonight

  2. Rick Says:

    Good for you guys! It looks awesome. BTW, what is the frost free date up there? I was surprised at what you planted – we have to wait til mid-May for some of that.

  3. nator Says:

    Yeah, we’re just ahead of the curve up here. Pioneers. Um… Actually I think you’ve asked the real question needing to be asked: “Sure, that looks good, but do you guys know what you’re doing??” The answer, of course, is no. :) But, if you’ll recall, Karen’s the girl who decided to try to grow corn in our apartment on Fremont, so nobody can say we’re not up for a challenge!

    Our frost-free date averages April 20th so we probably should have waited a bit – however, we’re coming off a good week or more of temperatures in the 80s(!!) so the ground itself is actually pretty warm. Next year we may need to wait, but this year I think we’re golden. Hopefully.

  4. nator Says:

    Whoa, I just looked at Denver’s average frost-free date, and we actually are almost a week ahead of you! Weird, because we’re about 5 degrees further north… Must be the mountains and the plains weather?

  5. Q Schroe Says:

    That looks pretty sweet! I can’t wait to come see it for myself. And the beer on tap that you mentioned too . . .

  6. laurel Says:

    Your garden looks beautiful, I can’t wait to see it in person! But I have to admit, I was distracted from the garden by the pictures of your super cute puppy, who I haven’t seen in way too long. Oh how I love him! We all just booked tickets to come up for K’s graduation party I’m so excited!

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