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Posted by Nate in Neighborhood, Politics.
Thursday, April 6th, 2006 at 10:42 pm

The Twin Cities are blessed with several above-average news outlets, among whose number I am not going to count either the Pioneer Press or the Star Tribune. While they serve their purpose on some levels, they are utterly unattractive to me as news sources simply because they’re trying too hard to get readers. They, like almost all newspapers in recent years, are scrambling to adapt to the huge changes brought on by the web, and just Don’t. Get. It. It’s a desperate race for the last paying subscriber, and they’re all betting he only likes sensational non-news. (and a ton of ads)

So where’s a discriminating news junkie to turn? The internets, obviously. More specifically, the Minneapolis Observer. They’d been on my radar for a while, but lately have just been astounding in their coverage of local politics, theatre, issues, everything. I would say they’re "scooping" the big boys, but as I said above, the big boys aren’t even trying. So check out their about us page, start reading their stories, and if you like what you see – send them some love.

In our own local news, we just got 2" of rain dumped on us in just a few hours! Karen’s been talking about setting up a rain garden – watching the water pool in our lawn from roof runoff made me think maybe we should… If we can just make it doggie-proof.

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2 Responses to “Minneapolis Observer”

  1. Rick Says:

    Nato – Good for you to have found a better news source. On the national scale, I like to read stuff at alternet.org and commondreams.org. But it’s really more commentary and not news. Locally, we have the Bulhorn. I absolutely can’t take the TV news – when I travel sometimes I’ll turn it on and it is incredibly bad. And then I realize TV is where most people get their news. Then I get depressed and do soemthing else…. But it’s good to know there are at least alternatives on the internets.

  2. m Says:

    I checked the Minneapolis Observer out and I’m impressed. The founders/editors have so much experience, it makes for a really good paper. I’m jealous! We have the Bullhorn, which is good, but different. They don’t do as much local news, but they do have interesting feature stories, which sometimes are related to local issues, sometimes not.

    Accurate news is such an important thing. Whenever I start talking to someone about how messed up things are, for me, it always comes down to the media. I like to think that if more people really knew what was going on, they’d be outraged.