Politics and religion

Posted by Nate in Politics.
Thursday, March 9th, 2006 at 10:14 am

Karen and I attended our first ever precinct caucus on Tuesday night. It was informative but confusing, fun but boring, and left me both excited and nervous. Basically – as I understand it – the Minnesota DFL has local precinct caucuses and then several endorsement conventions before the primary election. Non-endorsed party candidates may continue to participate in the primary election, but it seems the endorsement is a big enough deal it’s very hard to win without it.

We’re both delegates for Senate District 62, so we’ll be attending that convention on April 1st and helping decide who gets endorsed. We opted not to be delegates for the county convention, so I think that keeps us out of the later state convention as well – which I think means we don’t get to help endorse a candidate for governor. Too bad, because I want to vote for Becky Lourey… But in lieu of that fun we get to sort through six(!!) candidates for State Senate in our district. Whoa.

So yeah, good times. I think a lot of precincts (ours did) passed resolutions to get Instant Runoff Voting into city elections – but by "passed" I mean passed on to the city convention where they’ll be voted on for inclusion into the DFL platform. Big fan of IRV, and maybe if people can start to see it work at the city level they’ll be more willing to get it statewide and then nationally.

Finally, some depressing numbers. I would hope that even without a scientist for a dad I’d be able to look at the evidence and the unwavering support from the scientific community and realize that hey, turned out the earth wasn’t flat, the universe wasn’t geocentric, maybe time to update the old creation myth too? Makes. Me. Crazy.

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3 Responses to “Politics and religion”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    State Delegates are chosen at your senate district convention, so you’re still in the running for state.

  2. Karen Says:

    At the convention we go to, we elect delegates to go to the state convention and vote on a senate candidate. There is a separate county convention where delegates are elected who will go to the state convention and vote for a candidate for governor. The DFL party made some changes to the process this year, and not that I knew what it was before, but it’s a little confusing. I just know that we only have a say in the senate candidate, and really, we vote for people who we think will vote for who we want.

  3. Rick Says:

    I am very appreciative that the two of you have stepped forward and gotten involved. It will take action to make changes and it will take good people like you to make good changes happen. Yeah – a gleam of hope for the future!