Making Potato Chip History

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Friday, March 3rd, 2006 at 3:39 pm

Nate and I recently invited our friends Peter and Madeline to become part of potato chip history with us. Last summer when we were at the Uptown Art Fair we visited the Kettle Chips booth, where we were given a free bag of chips and got to vote on what we think their new "happy hour" inspired chip flavor should be. If you are not familiar with Kettle Chips, you should be. They are an awesome company that converts 100% of the waste vegetable oil from their production into biodiesel, they have an enormous rooftop solar energy array, restored wetlands around their facility, and oh, did I mention that they have Cheddar Beer flavored chips? And Spicy Thai? Roasted Red Pepper with Goat Cheese?!? YUMMM!!

Anyway, at the art fair, I of course submitted a suggestion for a bloody mary-inspired chip flavor, of course. The good people at Kettle Chips either took the five most popular suggestions or the five they liked the best (not sure) and made a limited amount of each. They then assembled 500 People’s Choice Happy Hour Party Packs, containing one 5-oz bag of each flavor, a tasting guide and ballots. Needless to say, I simply had to have one. And so approximately two weeks later Nate and I journeyed to Peter and Madeline’s house in negative 20 something temperatures with our box o’ chip fun. On the agenda for the evening? Watching Winter Olympics (did you SEE snowboard cross?!? So. cool.), experiencing the glory and wonder that is the boardgame the Settlers of Catan, and being part of potato chip history. Worthy of risking frostbite and car engine failure? We obviously think so. 

Some of us (Madeline) followed directions better than others (Peter), but in the end, we each judged the following very exciting flavors:

  • Spicy Mary
  • Dirty Martini
  • Tuscan Three Cheese
  • Creamy Caesar
  • Buffalo Bleu Cheese

We each filled out a ballot and submitted our votes online. Here are the current stats:
Total voters: 4089
Buffalo Bleu Cheese: 3.37
Dirty Martini: 2.61
Tuscan Three Cheese: 3.78
Spicy Mary: 3.28
Creamy Caesar: 3.62

Unfortunately, it’s not looking good for my top choice, Dirty Martini. Buffalo Bleu was a close second for me though, and it still has a chance. I think Nate chose Tuscan Three Cheese. I can’t remember how Peter and Madeline voted, so they will just have to comment to let us know.

And by the way, voting goes through the end of March, so you too can still get in on the history-making.

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6 Responses to “Making Potato Chip History”

  1. Rick Says:

    So, what was the Brunster’s vote for best chips???

  2. Peter Says:

    Buffalo Blue Cheese for me please.

    But may I point out that “potato chips” and “instructions” really don’t belong in the same sentence. You’ll notice in that second picture I’m trying to enjoy a lovely chip, while Karen, in all her finger pointing superiority, is on the “W” of “What do you think you are doing eating that before I have finished these Infinite Jest-length instructions?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    My vote (not having tasted them) would be for Bloody Mary chips! Why has no one mentioned those???

  4. Karen Says:

    Those were the Spicy Mary ones. I expected them to be my favorite, but they were spicy enough that I wouldn’t be able to scarf down an entire bag like I like to do.

  5. m Says:

    Okay, since it seems we can vote without even tasting them, I’d go for the Tuscan Three Cheese. It sounds like a very fun event. I am glad you guys take your Kettle Chips so seriously! It sounds like a very cool company actually.

    We have Settlers of Catan, but I’ve never played it. Sounds like I should. Maybe the next time you visit out here…..

  6. Peter Says:

    did you here that? they have Settlers! Holy Smokes . . . !