Home Alone

Posted by Nate in Bruno.
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006 at 10:14 am

Big news in doggie land: for over a week now we’ve been leaving Bruno out of his crate during the day and he’s been doing great! His parents are very proud of him – he hasn’t chewed anything inappropriate, gotten into anything, or been a spaz when we come and go. Once again I think the credit is split pretty evenly between him being a damn good dog to begin with and us taking things at a good pace and continuing to enforce fair and consistent indoor living rules.

He’s got tons of toys out and about that he can play with or chew, he’s got his nice bed that we try to leave where the sun will hit it in the morning, he’s got a great view of the park and sidewalk so he can keep up with the world and see something interesting, and he’s got fresh water all day. We also are pretty vigilant about removing temptation: the bedroom door is closed, the basement is closed, the floor is picked up (some shoes still in the entryway, but no delicious slippers around), and the counters are clean or at least pushed away from the edge.

Lastly we’re doing our best to keep him exercised: he gets two big walks a day, one first thing in the morning, one after work, with feedings right after each. I think we can make more time for some training / smart games in the evening since we’re not doing any official doggie school at the moment, but generally he at least gets a good chase-around-the-house game from each of us.

Best. Dog. Ever.

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3 Responses to “Home Alone”

  1. nator Says:

    Oh yeah, and the Dog Whisperer has a blog. Sorry Karen – I know you’re supposed to be working, and by posting that link I just wasted an hour of your day… :)

  2. Rick Says:

    Nator –

    Good news! I think it’s a lot nicer for Bruno to have the freedom. He can find those sun spots, sleep on his bed, roam a bit, etc. Just so he doesn’t figure out to raid the kegenator!

  3. m Says:

    Yay Bruno! He is a good dog, no doubt. I guess I’d have to say best. boy. dog. ever. tho – cause we have the BGDE. No, on second thought, they are both the best. And you provided quite a distraction for me, if not for Karen, by posting the Dog Whisperer link. I checked it out. It’s really interesting and fun to read.