Graduate school… these are the times that try boyfriends’ souls.

Posted by Karen in School.
Monday, December 19th, 2005 at 11:58 am

So this morning, when Nate and I left the house, I remembered that I had a near flat rear tire. I had meant to go fill it this weekend, but instead worked on papers and projects and played broomball and forgot. So of course I remembered as soon as we got to the garage. Nate took a look at it and informed me that I was not going to make it far, it was now that flat, at which point I expressed my fear of filling tires. (I once filled my tire, was sure I did it right, but apparently misread the gauge and overfilled it because I got a flat tire approximately 5 minutes later. Hence, fear.) So Nate crabbily (and rightfully so, how annoying and wimpy girly am I?) said he would go with me.

We went to the gas station on the corner, but of course their air thingy was missing a piece and wouldn’t work. So he then followed me to another gas station, where he helped me fill my tire (read: did it for me). As he was about to walk back to his car he noticed that the guy who had been using the air when we got there had now decided he needed to put on his spare tire instead and was having trouble getting it out of his trunk. So of course, Nate, nicest guy in the world, asked if he needed a hand, and proceeded to basically change the guy’s tire for him. Mind you, it was a lively 8 below zero with a windchill of 19 below. I stood there looking dumb because I didn’t want to be a big jerk and leave, but if I couldn’t even handle putting air in my own tire I sure as hell wasn’t going to be much help changing a tire (but for the record, I could do it, it would just take me a little while). Nate waved for me to go, and so I gratefully headed to school to finish my project with a mere 2 hours left.

And now, project and accompanying 3 papers having been handed in, it is time to give some props. So I declare here and now, I have the best boyfriend in the world. He makes me breakfast, he makes me lunch, he helps me with my Hydrology homework, he gets no sleep because I stay up late studying, he (begrudgingly) puts up with me paying too much money for a haircut, he paints and repaints our kitchen. I am aware that I don’t deserve him.

Dear Nate, I promise to try real hard to one day repay you for putting you through the hell that is being boyfriend to a graduate student, but due to the fact that I am going into the not-so-lucrative field of natural resources, that payback may have to come in the form of lots of dog-walking. And beer. You’re the best. Love, Karen PS – I still have one more final to get through.

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4 Responses to “Graduate school… these are the times that try boyfriends’ souls.”

  1. nator Says:

    Oh yeah… lookin’ good. Ladies, I’m available for bachelorette parties.

    Lookin’. Good.

  2. Rick Says:

    You guys crack me up!!!!!!!

    Best I can do for a party offer, Nator, is Sierra’s birthday bash Tuesday, but no guarantees there will be any demand for you to flex. (BTW, you’re a good man, helping the person change their tire).

    Karen, what’s this about the field of natural resources not being lucrative? Now you tell me!

    Love you guys and see you soon!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well after that “F” he gave you, you might want to rethink all those nice things you said here.

  4. MJ Says:

    Don’t quit your day job