Doggie Drama

Posted by Karen in Bruno.
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006 at 10:23 pm

After cleaning room o’ doggie diarrhea on Monday, children suddenly seemed less frightening. However, when things progressed today to (I know I should spare you this detail, but I just can’t) bloody poo, we had to take our little guy to the doctor. I had to go to a seminar thingy at school, so Nate took him in. I waited anxiously for an update, and when Nate called it was to tell me that they were doing x-rays because they thought he might have an obstruction. I yelled "No!", my eyes welled up, and my breathing sped up and threatened hyperventilation. I immediately pictured the poor lil buddy on the surgery table with a tube in his mouth, all unconscious and about to be surgeried. And then I realized, nope, kids are still scary. If I freak out this bad about my dog… It turned out that Bruiser has a case of Cryptosporidium, which, having once had it myself, I can tell you is no picnic. But with some antibiotics and a special diet he should be fine. Phew. Speaking of diet, turns out we made him chubby! "He could stand to lose 5-8 pounds." Wha? Looks like we overdid the original instructions of putting 5-10 pounds on him. Poor little fatty.

The up side of all this is that in his online quest for info on doggie diarrhea, Nate happened across this highly entertaining site.

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One Response to “Doggie Drama”

  1. m Says:

    Cryptosporidium, huh? Poor Bruno! I’m hoping the antibiotics and special diet are doing the trick. I went to the poop site. What would I do without DuoTeam to keep me apprised of such wonderful, informative sites! It helps keep me, you know, aware, up-to-date, on top of things. So I can carry my own in any conversation… Just kidding, I actually enjoy checking out DutTeam’s links, for real!!
    When Regan was younger and we took her in for a check-up, we were told the same thing. They said she looked a little plump. Now she’s svelte, don’t you think?