Son of a…

Posted by Nate in Home Improvements.
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 at 9:30 pm

So there’s the awesome red. It’s really hard to get the full effect from that picture, it’s actually much cooler in person. Really "dramatic," although I hate to use that word in talking about a space or physical feature…

I wasn’t going to post – I have a million things I need to do before we leave tomorrow – but I wanted to show off the color and bitch about the tape. That wad of blue tape on the right side? That about sums up how I feel about it. See, it’s sticking to the paint a bit harder than I’d like, to the point of pulling up little edges as I start to take it off. And it’s a clean break that it’s peeling up, so it looks like if I tried I could peel off everything I’ve done including the primer. Which means… maybe nothing, but maybe that I screwed up and somehow should have prepped the original surface better? Has it not bonded well, or does it just need time? I don’t know. I’ve stopped messing for the evening since my current best hope is that I’m maybe trying to take the tape off too soon and the paint is too soft. That’s definitely possible, but tomorrow morning is the last chance I’ll get to take it off – the tape is rated for about a week of contact before it starts to permanently stick (to the wood trim), so I can’t leave it while we’re out of town.

Grr. So, I’m really happy with the color and the paint job itself is awesome. This latest development… not so awesome. No matter what tomorrow holds I’ve already got a good bit of really small annoying touchup work to do, and to blend in it’s going to need sanding. And from what I’ve read, you can’t / shouldn’t sand paint until it’s well and truly cured, which can be from 10 to 30(!!!) days! Son of a…

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3 Responses to “Son of a…”

  1. M&R Says:

    Wow – that looks really nice! the tape though, that’s a bummer for sure. It seems like painters tape isn’t as good as it should be. We too are painting – the south loft and the utility room. Have fun in Chi-town, and say hi to everyone.

  2. M&R Says:

    I love it!! It could easily be that you are trying to remove the tape too soon. Seems like I’ve run into similar problems. How long will you be gone? You can’t let it sit a while longer if it’s still lifting paint tomorrow? It’s a pain, all this tedious stuff, but worth it in the end. Your kitchen is looking so GOOD!

  3. Brent Says:

    Actually, you’re supposed to remove the tape as soon after painting as you can. I don’t think you’re supposed to go more than 45 mins after you paint, that includes primer. Did you prime with that tape on? That could be the reason it’s peeling, if you didn’t paint right after priming. Letting it sit longer certainly won’t help. It will just dry on the tape and you’ll end up ripping off all the paint when you try to take it off. :/

    BTW, you’re images aren’t showing up in the RSS feed. :(