Stupid paint

Posted by Nate in Home Improvements.
Thursday, October 5th, 2006 at 12:31 pm

10-2-2006-7-28-25-am_0011.jpgWe’ve been picking off bits and pieces of the basement project over the last week – on Friday, Sierra and I moved everything out of the basement and into the laundry room and the storage area.  Pretty tight fit in those areas now, but it left the floor empty and made painting the walls much easier.  We were painting on October 1 so we picked a color called "October Sky", it’s a nice creamy light color that should go well with what I’m hoping for the floor and trim.

10-4-2006-7-54-14-pm_0003.jpgI’ve been testing various methods of getting the paint off the floor and having limited success so far…  Manually scraping the hell out of it works sort of, but it’s really a lot of work and very slow.  While at Ace getting the paint I found a product that promises low-odor and great effectiveness – sweet, sign me up!  It worked great on the test patch I tried a few nights ago, so last night I spread it out on about 1/4 of the floor.  I had run the test with a really thin patch of the goop to see how thin I could go, and it seemed that it worked even with a super-thin application.  Awesome.

…only it didn’t work.  I got up this morning to go scrape the paint off and it wasn’t coming – or, it was, but only bits, or what seemed like "half" of the coat of paint, if that’s even possible…  I’m guessing I put it on too thin?  Or the fact that I kept misting it with water last night, thinking keeping it moist would keep it active in such a thin layer?  Anyway, no go, at least at that level of stripper.  So I mopped up the mess I’d made on the section I tried to scrape and went back over the whole thing with a thicker coat.  I’m not going to spray it at all, just leave it until I get back, and hopefully it will have worked its magic on the paint below.  Stupid paint.

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3 Responses to “Stupid paint”

  1. mps Says:

    I agree. Stupid paint, stupid paint stripper. I hope you go home to better results.

  2. Rick Says:

    I hope it doesn’t come to this, but I recall Mom and I spending a lot of time on hands and knees scraping with a wire brush to clean up our concrete. I hope the magic remover works!

  3. Q Says:

    Yeah, that second photo reminds me a lot of what the north bedrooms looked like when we were spraying the concrete with that acid crap. Tons o’ fun.