[Pretty much] done!

Posted by Nate in Home Improvements.
Sunday, December 10th, 2006 at 4:24 pm

I’m sure there will be more pictures to follow as we fill in some of the furniture / decor gaps in the basement, but here’s the very latest look at things.  I was up early Saturday morning to keep working on the molding and door trim – it was slow and steady work, not too hard, but took time to get it all fitting right.  We knew we were going to be painting it so we saved a few bucks and got "paint grade" molding instead of the "stain grade".  12-9-2006-10-19-36-am_0001.JPGIn the store I thought it was something like MDF or a wood composite – it wasn’t until I started cutting that I realized it was plastic.  Weird.  I had a few pieces crack a bit on some of the less-than-straight bits of wall, but after I started pre-drilling everything went well.  Finally got to use my saw horses, and they totally saved the day…

12-9-2006-3-50-49-pm_0006.JPGHere’s a closeup of one of the pillar bases, you can see the profile of the molding.  The very bottom bit is actually a separate piece of quarter-round wood.  I wasn’t going to put it on but I’m really glad it’s there – it catches more of the light on the curve and just visually makes the base molding stronger to help delineate the floor and the wall.  That pillar in the pic is the level one – the other one by the drain was an enormous pain to get framed.  Lots of cheating, but it looked good in the end.

12-9-2006-5-57-20-pm_0009.JPGFinally, two pics of the room as we threw furniture together for the party.  Karen had gotten the grass from her old work, and on a whim added it to the room – and I totally love it!  Of course I put my Belgian beer glasses front and center under a light, and dart board is sort of behind where I took those pics from.  Not sure about that orange chair, but the green one actually works well…  We’re going to look at Target or Craigslist for a rug, and we’re keeping our eyes open for a futon.  Whoa.

12-9-2006-5-57-47-pm_0010.JPGI can’t believe where it was the night before – sawdust and plastic everywhere – but it looked so damn good at the party it made it all worth it.  Awesome.

Hopefully Sierra or Karen will post about the party.  Good times, great people, and the best piñata action of the year…  :)

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4 Responses to “[Pretty much] done!”

  1. Rick Says:

    Way to go Nate! I love the look of the black trim. The photo of the post and the baseboard wouldn’t enlarge for me so I can’t see the details of the trim. But soon enuf I’ll see it in person. Anxious for the party post too….

  2. mps Says:

    It looks fantastic. The finishing touches really added a lot. Well done!!! I am sure you guys will spend lots of very enjoyable time down there. It’s like a whole new room. Even tho the space was there before, it’s so different and so welcoming now. It’s great!

  3. Rick Says:

    Maybe you fixed that one picture, but anyway, now I can get a close-up of the trim around the post. I like the quarter-round at the base, that gives a very nice, finished, and professional look. Sweet.

  4. MJ Says:

    Wow, it’s fantastic, what a great look–a few pieces of furniture look might familiar. You sure have a winner in that room.