Unleash… the Tinykins!

Posted by Nate in Isla.
Sunday, September 13th, 2009 at 10:09 pm

We’ve had a few requests for video of Isla, and we’ve run out of excuses.  Without further ado, I present an epic poo, one she saved up for about 36 hours.  Just watch the video.

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5 Responses to “Unleash… the Tinykins!”

  1. Laurel Says:

    Ha ha, nice! I love the big smile afterward. That’s an ‘epic poo’ smile.

  2. Mary Jo Says:

    Boy I sure hope that was your lap she was sitting on! Only you would come up with a video like that. I can hardly wait to get there on Wednesday–been practicing my cuddling so I’m all ready–be sure you practice up on how to put diapers on though.

  3. troy Says:

    Damn that was good. Cute ass baby!

  4. Q Says:

    She looks so content with herself after that! I’m glad to see that in true Schroeder tradition the first video posted was of pooing. ;)

    Maybe the next video will involve some laughing or even an image of her lovely parents?

    Thanks for posting this dude!

  5. patsy manning Says:

    Oh, Isla’s smile at the end is too precious.
    Isn’t it interesting how the highlights of your days have
    changed since Isla’s arrival? It only gets better!
    Hugs and loves to you all.
    aunt patsy