She’s growing!

Posted by Nate in Isla.
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 at 8:49 pm


Well, the little tinykins is changing every day.  Obviously, when you consider that every day she lives now is almost 1/20th of her entire life.  Whoa.

20090902194102_dsc01221.jpgShe’s a trooper, though, as is her mom (and dad).  We’re learning just how little sleep you can survive on (she’s a noisy sleeper (when she sleeps)), and she’s learning how to communicate her needs to sleepy parents.

20090902194046_dsc01218.jpgWe took her out to Merlins Rest the other day, and she was a champ – slept almost the whole time.  Little outings are good for us as we start to realize how changed our life is now.  No more dinners for two.  Ever.  Or at least, not for a while.  :)

20090902194033_dsc01201.jpgBut don’t think that’s a complaint!  It’s just a realization, an internalizing of the reality of our new situation.  Our duoteam has expanded, and it’s wonderful to watch this new person grow day by day.  Incredible.  She is So.  Freaking.  Cute.

(These Betsy Bowen books are her total favorite.  She doesn’t focus on anything really yet, but she sure tries the hardest with these books)

Tomorrow we’re going to try the State Fair.  Wish us luck!


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5 Responses to “She’s growing!”

  1. Q Says:

    She really is adorable! I cannot wait to meet her in December, just think how big she’ll be by then. Good luck at the fair.

  2. Mary Jo Says:

    Oh my gosh these pictures are just so adorable–I love the way she looks like she is so paying attention to that book–glad she’s already got her favorites. I can hardly wait to get there in a few weeks and finally see her in person and get my hands on her. Hope your outing to the fair is enjoyable.

  3. Rick Says:

    Wonderful pictures – thanks! It is quite an adjustment, isn’t it? But you guys are doing so well. I loved seeing Isla at Merlin’s Rest. Now if she would just fall in love with a bird book ….

  4. Cody Says:

    Hot Baby on a Stick!! Wow. How is Bruno dealing with the cutest Solace in the House?

  5. Nate Says:

    Bruno still likes me just fine. Thanks for asking!