Happy Dator!

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Tuesday, January 15th, 2008 at 7:19 am

What’s Dator?  Well, it’s like "Nator day" crossed with "date day": Dator!  Karen took me on a day-long surprise date on Saturday to thank me for taking care of her while she convalesced – no thanks needed, but hey, I’ll take it!

20080115045544_20080113_153153.jpgAs the itinerary says, I got to sleep a bit while she made some delicious raspberry and white chocolate giant muffins.  Extra exciting because she got to use her new muffin tray!  Some coffee and Bailey’s later and I was off for broomball practice while she ran some errands.

After practice it was time for beer and pretzels at home while we got ready to start the "steppin’ out" portion of the Dator, starti20080115045411_20080112_150106.jpgng with a matinee of Avenue Q!  We tried to take a picture without a flash but it’s pretty blurry.  That’s me giving the preshow music a thumbs-up.  It was pretty cool how quickly our brains accept the puppets as characters – after the first 5 minutes you really stop noticing their handlers and just focus on the puppets.  It was a really fun show!

20080115045428_20080112_182655.jpgWe had a bit of time to kill before the next section, so we popped into a little Scottish bar I’d always wanted to try and had a beer.  20080115045457_20080112_182857.jpgThen off to the Ice Chamber!  I had never heard of this place, and it doesn’t seem to be on their website, so I’m not sure what strings Karen pulled to find it, but it was awesome!  There’s a frozen bar serving martinis, and just outside is a big "table" full of crushed black glass.  20080115045511_20080112_195920.jpgThere’s either propane or natural gas being pumped through a grid under the glass, and the effect is really cool – or, really warm!  It was like sipping martinis around a campfire on a cold night, but with none of the smoke and campfire smell.  Sweet!

(Odd side note – I ran into the new director of the Walker on our way out!  She’d just started earlier that week and we’d met twice before, but I suspect I’m not really on the short list of people she needs to remember…  :)

We were in need of sustenance, but lo and behold the Dator schedule had anticipated this.  Off to the Mission American Kitchen for food – we toyed with getting entrees but ended up splitting several of their mouth-watering appetizers.  Delicious!

20080115045531_20080112_230354.jpgBut it wasn’t over!  Back home, Karen took me upstairs where she’d put up our little Christmas tree and decorated!  Between tonsils and everything, we’d never had a family Christmas.  You can see how excited I am about my presents.  Surprise!!

Whew.  An amazing and super fun Dator!  Thanks, Karen!

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5 Responses to “Happy Dator!”

  1. Peter Says:

    you two just don’t do anything half-assed, do you?

  2. Laurel Says:

    Yowza! I want a Lator! Hmm, that just doesn’t have quite the same ring.. :) That sounds like a super fun day!

  3. Karen Says:

    I will be ice-skating in hell before Nate ever does anything half-assed. I, however, do lots of things half-assed, just not when it comes to parties, events, or anything even remotely party or event-like. For an example of my half-assedness,ask Nate about my slide organizing project, otherwise known as boxes and boxes of old family slides that have been sitting in our basement untouched for 2 years. But don’t ask me if I’ve finished my Master’s degree yet unless you’re trying to make me cry.

  4. Rick Says:

    What fun! Good for you both, and hurray for Karen for the organizing. I loved the Christmas tree surprise at the end!

  5. Mary Jo Says:

    Sounds like Karen’s mom raised her right. She always was a pretty creative person–must have gotten that from her mother. Sounds like a great time and what a fantastic way to show her thanks and appreciation. Looking forward to seeing all 3 of you in a few days and finding out what that present was that you were so excited about. By the way, I was wondering what ever happened with all those slides–if you had ever gotten to them or not.