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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 at 9:37 pm

So…  yeah.  Lots of wedding stuff happening, most good, and some downers – like me finding tonight that one of the beers I was planning to serve is infected and tastes gross.  Damn.  It was one of the organic ones, too, but I think my accelerated schedule made me get a little sloppy with sanitation?  Not sure.  The good news:  the remaining 5 taste amazing!  (Or they will, once the last one finishes fermenting…)

pict0001a.JPGLast week we were part of a pilot program in our neighborhood – murals!  They’re planning to do 8, I think, on some pretty visible surfaces that often get tagged with graffiti.  Murals have proved an effective deterrent for gang graffiti in the past, and I have high hopes for this project.  Our garage was the first one they did – we’re not too highly visible, but I think this was seen as a warmup for the project, so just as well.

pict0003a.JPGAnd it’s awesome!  Designed mostly by the kids in the picture, it incorporated a few sunflowers – ours are in bloom now – a dog, a unicycle (Justin!), and several squirrels.  Fun!  We now have the coolest garage on the block – if only someone would fix our rotting and falling trim…

pict0026.JPGBonus:  Bachelorette party boozin’.

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7 Responses to “Mural!”

  1. Mary Jo Says:

    Wow, I love the way the door looks–they did a fantastic job on both the design and the painting. Now just how did you manage to get them to do yours first? Maybe if you drop enough hints about the trim somebody might do it while you’re gone on your canoe trip and surprise you.

  2. Nate Says:

    Quick update on the beer – I’m now kinda leaning towards just an infected sample. I was using a cobra tap to pull samples from these as they carbonate and the tubing had been sitting out for a while — with beer still in it. Could easily have been infected. I took another taste this morning and the one I thought was bad last night seemed very reasonable. Hmm. Gonna give it a few more days and see – but I’ve got a backup plan just in case!

  3. Rick Says:

    Well, here’s hoping you are right about the beer and it turns out ok after all! The mural is sweet, and I love the photo of all of you together in front of it.

  4. Peter Says:

    the mural looks fantastic!

  5. Laurel Says:

    That mural looks awesome! What a cool project.

  6. marianne Says:

    Love the mural. What a great project. Now all the neighbors will be jealous. Good luck on the beer, Nate. I hope the tube is to blame. Seems kinda likely if the beer tasted good after all….

  7. troy Says:

    Looks very nice my friend. Around here, sadly even the murals are not too safe. What seems to stay untainted are real elaborate graffiti artist pieces; the kinds they are asked to do. They are not only beautiful, but seem too carry respect from the brotherhood of Krylon.