Spring stuff

Posted by Nate in Landscaping.
Sunday, May 20th, 2007 at 10:36 am

First of all, it went from 80+ degrees yesterday to a creepy 45 right now!  So…  it would have been smarter to be out working today instead of sweating yesterday, but ah well.  Our south-side bushes were totally overgrown and leggy, so I cut them waaay back and will let them recover as much as they can this year, but really next year they’ll be better.  They were borderline overgrown when we moved in and we never attacked them when they needed it…  Ah well.

hammock.jpgI finally found a joist in the ceiling and hung our awesome hammock chair in our under-used "foyer" area.  It’s now a nice place to sip a drink or read a book, it catches great light in the evening and can get a good breeze from all the windows.  I got a sweet sonic stud finder, but it really doesn’t work well on the ceiling, what with the rough texture and insulation — or something?  It works great on the walls, but it was quite a challenge to find a stud without drilling a million pilot holes…

rainbarrel.jpgThe city of Minneapolis gave a great deal on rain barrels to anyone who wanted one, so we of course jumped in on that.  Hooked up a sump-pump drain pipe for the overflow and cut off the gutter to the right height and we should be good to go!  No real rain yet to test it out, I need to see how the rain comes out before I secure the gutter over the barrel.  Now about half of our house runoff is either captured or helping the raingarden grow!

pict3252.JPGAlso emptied the compost into the garden and moved the bin out of the shady corner into its new home by the garden.  I’ve read the heat from the sun will rapidly accelerate the decomposition process, which should be good.  pict3251.JPGAnd another shot of the little plant zones on the South side of the lawn.  I do love me those ferns…

Finally a wonderful picture of Bruno and his mommy.  Aww…

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4 Responses to “Spring stuff”

  1. Mary Jo Says:

    Wow, you sure have been busy. The fern looks great–BUT the best shot is Bruno and his mommy–and I see the chicken is still there too.

  2. Q Says:

    Nice! The hammock looks great, was there a chest in that nook originally that you moved? My mental image of that space looks a little cramped.

    And good work with the rain barrel, but can’t you just build rain gardens on all four corners of your house? Gosh Nate, way to take the easy way out. ;)

  3. troy Says:

    Wait… does your deck have a bench now?

  4. marianne Says:

    Your yard is looking great. I love ferns too, and the picture of Karen and Bruno. I recognize those shoes – brings back happy memories of the Boundary Waters!