Duoteam.com goes green!

Posted by Nate in Consumers, The Blog.
Friday, May 4th, 2007 at 1:07 pm

green5.png… or rather, the company hosting duoteam.com goes green!  DreamHost announced on Earth Day that they are now carbon neutral – which is fantastic, considering they were using the energy equivalent of 545 average homes!  Read more about their efforts here, including using AMD’s more efficient processors and more.

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3 Responses to “Duoteam.com goes green!”

  1. Troy Says:

    Awsome! I am very interested in getting greener. A bit of a challenge here in LA with little say on my home. Ironicly getting a gas guzzling Jeep has made me more determined to get a bike and outdoors. Glad to keep getting motivation from Duoteam (and the Freshwater Stew!). By the by, did you know LA rewards Hybrids by allowing the use of the HOV lanes and free meter parking. I personally have not been adding any second hand smoke to the air here for 9.5 hrs. That’s the longest I’ve gone since I was 20.

  2. Q Says:

    “If you see the icons above on any of the sites that you visit, click them. If the site owner has done things right you’ll be taken to a page that should confirm the site is hosted with DreamHost – a proudly carbon-neutral hosting company.”

    So, what did you do wrong there Nate? Haha, just giving you a hard time. That’s pretty cool though, sounds like they’ve made it pretty easy for any company to help reduce emissions even if they can’t really do it directly on site.

  3. Nate Says:

    Um, that image in the post is just “visual interest”, an illustration, if you will (and I will). The actual icon that links to DH is at the bottom on the right hand side – although I admit it’s pretty damn FAR down on the right. :)