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Sunday, November 19th, 2006 at 6:54 pm

Almost as soon as we’d moved into our house last year I noticed a huge increase in junk mail.  A lot of it was related to being new homeowners (Equity Loans!  House Insurance!  Mortgage Insurance!), but even more was just generic coupons and ads and credit offers.

I picked up some forms almost a year ago intending to send them off ASAP and stop the junk mail, but as things happen I only just sent them last week.  The big one is the Mail Preference Service, with information here.  Also at that link is info on 18885OPTOUT which gets you out of credit card offers.  (MPS charges you if you do it through their site, but you can just send it in by hand and it’s free)  Lastly I sent in the info for ADVO, another agency that I think we’re getting a ton of stuff from.

Sure, we recycle all our junk mail, but how cool would it be to just not get it in the first place?  Those requests take a while to process, but fingers crossed that they’ll cut down on the junk.  I’ll post an update in a few months (if I remember).

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One Response to “1-888-5-OPT-OUT”

  1. Q Says:

    That sounds like a very good solution to the junk mail problem.

    I remember reading a couple years ago about someone who got so upset with all the junk mail that they were getting that he started sending back all the junk to the companies by using those business pre-paid envelopes. I doubt it was a very environment-saving decision, but I bet it made him feel better!