Parents in town!

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Sunday, May 7th, 2006 at 6:29 pm

Karen and I were lucky enough to arrange a 10-day visit with my parents, who arrived Friday the 5th and will stay through the 15th. We had a hectic weekend planned, followed by a hectic week…

Saturday first thing we hit the local Farmers’ Market – no veggies on sale yet, but we got some good cheese and bread "for the party". (or for us ;) Next off to the Living Green Expo where we attended a workshop on rain gardens – that’s right, Karen’s getting her rain garden. Today we started work on the rain garden, went to the May Day festivities at Powderhorn Park (where Nate had a minor meltdown), came home and finished the work, then ate at Pizza Luce. Yum. (I’ll leave it to Karen to post about the rain garden)

I spent a few hours each night working on the Kegenator – I had to add three new taps, keg 2 new beers and some sparkling water, and add on to the CO2 manifold for two of the three pressures I was running.

Then it was unveiled – the coolest birthday present ever: The Kegenator was officially done!! Thanks, mom and Quentin, for the best sign I can imagine!!!

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2 Responses to “Parents in town!”

  1. Rick Says:

    Yeah for getting back to your blog! I need to do the same and send out some pix and videos soon too. Been pretty busy since we got back home. Roberto stopped by yesterday and we had a nice visit, then he and sierra went out. Lots to do on the yard and garden, so we’ll be in the catching up mode for bit here. We LOVED our visit and all we did together.

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