Grrrrrrim Sweepers

Posted by Karen in Broomball.
Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 at 3:37 pm

So I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seat all day, dying to know how the Grim Sweepers fared in the first game of the broomball tournament last night. Well, let me give you a little re-cap.

Other team: Crying and whining about how we were playing too rough, only to turn around and tackle our players multiple times.

Ref: Gives one of our players who was going for the ball a 2-minute penalty for tripping, gives their team no penalties.

Me: "Get out of the crease please." (2 minutes later, to the same girl) "Get out of the crease please."
Other girl:
(Ok that last part is really just what I wanted to do)

One of our girls has a collision with one of their guys and tries to make a friendly joke. Guy then freaks out something about her being a girl, a tirade he then continues for the rest of the game. Basically, the guy has some deep-seeded issues with women athletes and should really go play in a mens-only league. Not to mention that he was playing with an illegal stick.

Our team: Scores two gorgeous goals.

Their team: Scores one very pretty goal.

Their team: Scores a super lame goal that bounced in off of one of our own players.

Our team: Scores another beautiful goal.

Our team: Scores a goal that bounces around in the net and a member of the other team even acknowledges it went in.

Ref: Calls no goal and says it didn’t go in. It’s now 3-2, Sweepers.

Their team: Big whiner guy wants to fight Peter because he thinks Peter was too rough, whine, whine. Nate gets in between them and tries to calm the guy down. Guy then wants to fight Nate. Nate wants to destroy him. Much shirt grabbing.

Ref: Somehow doesn’t see fit to stop play, even though there is shirt grabbing and near-fighting and everyone has stopped playing and is watching the about-to-be fight. (Somehow he didn’t seem to think it was his job to get the game under control. )

Other team: Takes a cheap shot while no one is looking and scores. It counts.

It’s now 3-3. We then had a variety of awesome opportunities but our shots were just off the mark or blocked. Our team is playing tentatively because they are simultaneously trying to kill us and whining about us playing too rough. I still can’t make sense out of that.

Game ends. Since it’s a tournament we go into overtime. 2 minutes, 4 on 4, 2 girls and 2 guys, no goalies. Dumb. All I can say about this is that we were completely thrown off. It was just too weird. I don’t even know what the score was, but we lost.

It wasn’t so much the losing that sucked. But to lose to such shady, slimy, whiny jerks, people that you can tell even off the ice you would hate because they’re just crappy people, that sucks. And what’s more, to lose when YOU ACTUALLY WOULD HAVE WON if you had had a decent ref!

Needless to say, we were all angry little balls of rage after the game. What to do? Drink beer! We headed to the Chatterbox, our friendly neighborhood pub, and after a pint (or 2) and some quality time with the teammates I so adore, the greatest teammates you could ever ask for and some of the greatest people I have ever known, I was feeling like no matter what we still always come out on top, we always win. Because even now that we’ve gotten good and the game has gotten more intense because we’re actually competitive, we still have the most fun and we still enjoy each other’s company more than any other team, guaranteed. Oh how I love my Grim Sweepers.

So as to not go out on that ugly note, we are going to keep on playing on our own and throwing scrimmages together for as long as the ice will hold. I already can’t wait to get out there and put last night’s game out of my mind forever. And I also think my lengthy message of complaint that I left today for the director of the broomball league about the world’s worst ref was a good step towards releasing a little more rage.

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4 Responses to “Grrrrrrim Sweepers”

  1. MJ Says:

    Well the main thing is that you are having a good time and enjoying yourselves–it’s only a game, nice to win, but nicer yet to have a good time and enjoy yourselves. It’s a shame you had to play against a team like that and have a ref who needed glasses.

  2. Brent Says:

    Ahaha, Eric and I were right. We thought one of two things. Either Nate really was sick today, or you guys lost your big game and went out to get drunk afterwards and were hungover. I sided towards the latter.

    Deductive reasoning for the win!

  3. Rick Says:


    All I can say is Grim Sweepers Rule! Tip one up for me and celebrate your friendship and good sportsmanship, which in the end are the real winners.

  4. SouthernCanadian Says:

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