Another Post About Biking

Posted by Karen in Bike Commuting.
Sunday, June 15th, 2008 at 3:38 pm

The financial goal of yesterday’s sale was to make enough dough to buy me a ra20080615142632_rackpannier.jpgck and  pannier for my bike, so that my bike commute would be a much more pleasant experience.  We ended up making about $200, which was more than enough to get me this sweet rack and pannier bag!  As you can see, it is big enough even to fit my laptop, though that also makes it heavy as all get-out.  I’m going to give it a 20080615142610_inside_pannier.jpgwhirl tomorrow, and I’m super excited!  I normally won’t have nearly as much stuff in it, but it’s nice to know that I can if I need to!  And now I’ll be able to bike to the store for groceries, to the park with a pair of cleats and a soccer ball in there, to a bbq with a couple of 6-packs… you see, the possibilities are endless.  And it has a sweet little side pocket that holds a rain cover.  I will now be unstoppable.  Except for that whole scared of cars + not the best balance thing.  Still working on that.

Everyone keeps being all shocked and horrified that I’m riding that far on big fatty mountain bike tires.  I think they’re a bunch of babies, but I might just check into some road tires, but it sure seems like a slippery slope to me.  This week a rack and a pannier, next week new tires, then handlebar streamers… where oh where do you draw the line?

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5 Responses to “Another Post About Biking”

  1. Mary Jo Says:

    Way to go Karen–this looks like a really neat set up and much easier than having to try to keep a pack on you. Just be careful though that it doesn’t make it harder for you to balance—I would think just having it on one side like that would tend to make things unbalanced, especially if you have your lap top in it too. Too bad you couldn’t get a set of them like saddlebags to help with the balance.
    As for those bike tires–do you remember the ride Steve did from Minneapolis to Chicago with those kinds of tires? Neither one of you ever did things the easy way.

  2. Q Says:

    Oo, oo! Get the streamers! Don’t draw the line until you get the streamers!

  3. Marianne Says:

    Congrats on the garage sale! Sounds like it was well worth it, and you got a pretty spiffy-looking rack and pannier. And, I will admit, I had to read up a bit to see what you were talking about with the mtn bike tires vs road tires. Given how long your ride is, it does seem like you would want to check into road tires, and throw in the handlebar streamers while you’re at it. Red ones, maybe?!

  4. troy Says:

    I say draw the line after you get the sweet side mount cannon to balance the bag! Let me know when you two are biking to Chicago, we’ll raise the priority on the guest room!

  5. Peter Says:

    um, you just said ‘sweet rack’ . . . I put these on my bike a couple years ago. Putting slicks on made a huge difference riding around town – the reduced drag was so, so noticeable. Do it!