Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

Posted by Karen in Family.
Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 at 8:12 pm

20080318184916_me_ma_frosting.jpgGrowing up, my mom used to make cakes for every occasion, amazingly decorated with all these different colors and patterns.  But the best of all were these Sesame Street cupcakes that she made for me to take to school for my birthday when I was in first grade.  All the kids thought I was soooo cool.  So when my parents decided to make a trip up here for the weekend I asked my mom if she would teach me ho20080318190720_k_frosting.jpgw to make them.  Here is the result:  cookie monster cupcakes.  While they completely pale in comparison with the ones she used to make, I have to say, I’m pretty psyched at how they turned out!  Severely lacking in patience and motor skills as I am, it’s pretty amazing that they look even remotely muppet-like!  She wanted to teach me to make Oscar the Grouches too, but he is more challenging, with the head popping out of the trash can and all, and I was pretty maxed out after these guys.  Someday maybe…


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7 Responses to “Cookie Monster Cupcakes!”

  1. Mom Says:

    And you did a great job for the first attempt at them too–in fact for the first time at using the tip and the frosting bags I’d say you really outdid yourself there. By the way, the frosting tasted great too.

  2. troy Says:

    Oh my God! I have been searching for a clever item to take to Easter brunch with Tiff’s friends! Please call me or email me the receipe !!

  3. Q Says:

    Those are amazing and awesome and look delicious! Well done!

  4. Rick Says:


  5. Marianne Says:

    Well done! You obviously had a great instructor and are a very apt student. They look really cute!

  6. Dean Says:

    This was too funny! I was just remembering the decorated cakes for each holiday this past weekend and telling Daniele and Trevor about how great it was to eat the rest of the frosting out of those pastry squeezy thingies. I forgot about the cupcakes, iwas thinking of the easter eggs and bunny cakes.

  7. tia Says:

    karen – these are AWESOME!!!