Tonsillectomy: day 1

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Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 at 6:32 pm

pict0001.JPGHere’s a small selection of the food we got while trying to cover all the bases.  Hard to predict what’s going to sound good when recovering, a lot of that is still sitting in the package – and most of the juices, too.  But she’s been eating!  Some cream of wheat, some yogurt, mac & cheese, and several popsicles – including one I made out of Emergen-C, so she’s getting some vitamins too  Really good news, as far as I’m concerned!

I don’t think either of us slept very well last night, what with adjusting to the new beds (we’re both upstairs), the pain, the humidifier noise, etc.  Not to mentioned getting up every 4 hours for more drugs and a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes to wash them down…  But Karen slept in a bit and napped during the day, so she’s getting plenty of rest.

pict0004.JPGpict0005.JPGOn the left is a post-op Karen holding some ice to her throat.  She got her hair cut the morning before the surgery: looking good!  At right is the inner Karen, post-op.  Uh oh.

pict0006.JPGFinally, here she is in her "sickbay" yesterday.  It looks pretty much the same today, and probably for the foreseeable future!

My only real concern at the moment is she has a bit of a cough.  Not sure if there’s a cold on top of this, or it’s phlegm from her throat, or something else.  If it’s a cold I imagine the antibiotics will help clean it up, and if it’s from the surgery only time will help — either way we’ve just got to wait.  But it’s hard, whenever she coughs it seems to stress her whole system and I’m sure it’s not good for the ex-tonsil area.

She says it hurts more than yesterday, but I think that’s to be expected.  The drugs are doing a fair job controlling the pain, but making her generally woozy and tired.  On the whole, though, doing very well!  Thanks again for all the calls and emails, we appreciate the support!

PS – eating more mashed potatoes as I type!  Woo hoo!  :)

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4 Responses to “Tonsillectomy: day 1”

  1. Marianne Says:

    It is really great to hear that she’s eating. It should help a lot with the recovery. The cough doesn’t sound so good tho, not a fun thing on top of an already sore throat (at the ex-tonsil area – I loved that phrase!).

    Keep taking care, you guys. Love you both!

  2. Rick Says:

    Thanks for the updates, keep them coming. Wish we could be there to help out.

  3. Justin Says:

    Thinking of both you guys! Glad you’re taking such good care of Karen. I hope Bruno’s helping out, too.

  4. Mary Jo Says:

    Wow, I am impressed with her–she’s doing much better than she did when she had her wisdom teeth pulled. I see PP is still doing its job there–must just about be losing an ear by now though–I know she had the one of them worn pretty thin. Hope that cough goes away soon though, I’m sure that’s not helping the pain at all. The cough could also be just her lungs trying to clear out the rest of the anesthetic and hopefully it will end soon.