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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 at 8:03 pm

pict3312.JPGHad a blast this weekend up on the North Shore of Lake Superior — we would normally avoid it on a popular holiday weekend, but it ended up being basically the only weekend we could squeeze it in.  And we really needed to research / start to flesh out some of the wedding plans.

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pict3332.JPGIn the video you can see Mr. Man exploring the lake and the beach.  He was pretty shy about the water at first but really enjoyed — drinking only, no swimming for this guy yet! — the rivers and streams running into the lake.  pict3311.JPGNext is a clip of this cluster (herd?  pack?) of swallowtails all landing in the same area – it was right where a car normally would park, so I’m hoping it was some naturally occurring mineral deposit and not antifreeze they were after.  Pretty cool, anyway.  Finally, looks like there’s been a change of plans and Karen has to marry Bruno now.  Hee hee.

The first night we were scheduled to meet with Michael and Maureen, the innkeepers at the Cascade Lodge, so we put Bruno in his kennel in our cabin and headed down.  Just as we reached the lodge Karen remembered she’d forgot the walnut bread we meant to give to them as a gift, so I ran back up to the cabin to get it.  As I got near the cabin I could hear Boo Boo crying, and at first I thought he was just howling since he was alone — really crazy, since he’s never made a peep like that since we got him.

pict3310.JPGI got to the door and could see inside to the kennel and realized he was crying so hard because his face had gotten stuck in the door of the kennel!!  I almost broke the door down getting in and quickly saw that he’d somehow tried to push the door open and gotten his nose out, and now his lower canine tooth was hooked on the metal door which was smashing the rest of his face back into the hard plastic.  He couldn’t close his mouth so he was drooling and crying and panicking really bad and I couldn’t seem to get his tooth unhooked or get the door open.  Karen arrived and tried to calm him down while I worked on the door and eventually got it open.  The poor little guy!!!  It was really, really terrible seeing him like that, totally stuck and freaking out and in pain.

pict3317.JPGIt turned out that in transit the metal latch on the door had bent and wasn’t properly closing on the top half so he was able to pry it open a bit.  I fixed it, but we decided to let him stay in the room without the kennel for the rest of the trip, after his bad experience with it…  Whew.

The meeting with Michael and Maureen went extremely well, even better than we could have hoped.  They’re great people, loved the bread, and it turns out he’s a homebrewer!  Not much lately since they’ve been busy, but in the past, and he was raving about the water from their well being the best for brewing.  I think I heard them mention it had even crossed their mind at one point to open a brewpub in the restaurant and I told them to sign me up!!  Heh.  First things first, but man would that be awesome!

pict3305.JPGHopefully Karen will post with more details, I want to wrap this up before it becomes a novel.  In short, great weekend, great place, very relaxing and fun, and some fantastic progress on the wedding planning process!  Sneak peak on the right:  I snuck up a bottle of the sparkling cranberry mead and we sampled it.  Fan.  Tas.  Tic.  Awesome.

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5 Responses to “Wedding Planning”

  1. Rick Says:

    The tale of Bruno getting stuck sounded terrible! Yowza, it is lucky you went back there and found him. The video is cool, and the photo of the mead made my mouth water. I am really looking forward to the main event!

  2. MJ Says:

    Oh my poor Bruno–sure hope he has no lasting effects from his bad experience. It sure is a good thing that you went back for that bread. My teeth are hurting just thinking about what he was going through.

  3. Marianne Says:

    It’s so lucky that Karen forgot the walnut bread. Isn’t it weird how things like that happen? The mead looks fantastic, as you said! Sounds like your meeting went really well with Michael and Maureen, that’s great. I loved the video, especially the butterflies – beautiful!

  4. troy Says:

    Man the same thing happened to me when my folks took me on a a vacation and my kennel “malfunctioned.” It was horrible, I… uh… Disney World blows, lets leave it at that. ;)

  5. Laurel Says:

    Yikes! Poor puppy, I bet that was super scary for him. Looks like he’s doing okay now though. What with his new engagement to Karen and everything.. :) The place looks beautiful, can’t wait to be there at the end of the summer!