Sad monkey

Posted by Nate in Bruno.
Thursday, June 15th, 2006 at 10:44 am

Two weeks ago I took Bruno in to the vet to get vaccinated – it was in his records we got when we adopted him that he was "due" for shots in May, so we did it. They asked us if he goes to dog parks, and he does, so he got a bordatella shot (for kennel cough). Does he run around outside or in the woods near ticks? We plan to take him camping so we got a Lyme shot. Rabies is mandatory. I don’t know if we got asked about distemper or not, but that one was a spray that went up his nose.

He seemed to be fine afterwards, although they warned us he may be sluggish and run a fever for a bit – ok, I figured, people do that sometimes after they get a shot. No problem. He developed a lump on the site of one of the shots, but it’s almost down to normal now, seems ok. The only thing left was to come back in two weeks for a "booster" of his Lyme disease shot, so I took him in yesterday morning.

The shot was fine, he didn’t flinch at all, we were in and out of the vet’s office in minutes. That afternoon I took him for his walk and he was pulling and excited about all the people and dogs — pretty normal. Then, late that night after the very exciting overtime finish of game 5 of the Stanley Cup, he trotted over to see what all the excitement was about and I was happily scratching his ears when he gave a little whimper of pain! Karen I were immediately concerned, but he seemed ok, so I kept petting him – then when scratching his back he did it again, just a little cry. It was really creepy – if you know Bruno you know he’s a big boy, and if you’ve ever seen his sometimes less-than-agile maneuvers on and off the deck you know he can smack himself pretty good without crying.

Still, nothing specific seemed wrong – he was just really dragging and seemed sore, favoring his back legs, and could barely come down the stairs. We guessed it was from the shot, but weren’t sure what might be going on. We gave him some water and soft petting and hoped he would sleep it off.

Still definitely sore and very slow in the morning. Karen called the vet and they said it’s probably ok but we should watch for swelling in his face / neck, trouble breathing, vomiting, or lack of appetite. He ate breakfast just fine, but it’s just so hard to watch him struggle up and down the stairs – if he’s still sore I’m feeding him in the kitchen so he doesn’t have to do that again.

So now I’m at work mildly freaking out after reading some articles about Lyme disease and vaccinations, and actually really pissed – both at myself for not researching it before we took him to the vet, and at the vet for not being more clear about what the risks are. I think from now on we’ll just stick with his Frontline tick repellent and maybe find some environmentally friendly solution for the back yard – and obviously check him for ticks whenever we go hiking. Wah. All I want to do is go home to check on him.

Feel better soon, little mumbler. Your mommy and daddy can’t stand to see you hurting…

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4 Responses to “Sad monkey”

  1. nator Says:

    Quick update – really bad last night, stiffer than ever and in pain. I called the vet and they said as long as he was eating and drinking it could wait until morning.

    This morning when we got up, instead of getting up with us like he always does, he just laid in bed and barely raised his head. K and I had to help him sit and then stand so he could go pee. So we made an appointment with the vet…

    Luckily between the morning and the appointment he made what seems like a miraculous recovery – he was moving almost normally and even chewing a bone! The vet said this sort of reaction is rare but possible from the vaccination, and recommended skipping it in the future. (duh)

    Anyway, more details later, but he seems on the road to recovery. I can’t even say how relieved we feel.

  2. Madeline Says:

    So, I totally lied. It turns out that the little Guin-Meister HAS had annual Lyme vaccinations. I looked back in our records to see. Crazy. She has definitely never had a reaction like that, or any reaction that I can think of. Poor Bruno. Lots of Frontline for him.

  3. Peter Says:

    big bummer dude. I’m glad he’s feeling better. And Madeline totally double lies — Guin has had reactions to shots — nothing like that though. She got a huge lump on her leg from a shot, and the more I think about it (although it could be a mind trick) I think it was from the lymes — they have record at the vet, because now every time they do it differently. anyway, scary. glad he’s getting back to his mulch eating self.

  4. Mick Says:

    I have to admit that when I was drunk and stayed at you house, I bit Bruno when he was coming on to my bottle of beer! (I think it was a Belgian Mars pint!) Anyway, to be serious for at least 5 seconds, I am shocked that he is ill and we are thinking healing thoughts from across The Pond! Any dog that nips my wife in the Ass has to be good!!!

    Miss you both loads,