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Friday, July 1st, 2005 at 2:40 pm

We’re in that sort of awkward phase between the rush and excitement of successful househunting and the actual move-in day. Our situation is even a bit worse than "normal" because we close at the end of the month and then rent back for 2 weeks – complicated, but necessary. (and we still have to try to convince our stupid current landlords to make an effort to rent it mid-month or we’re stuck paying for the remainder plus the mortgage.)

But I’ve already started making plans for the basement, and K too. I’m getting a chest freezer from her family which I intend to start filling with kegs of homebrew ASAP – but there’s money involved there to get the temperature regulator, kegs, taps, and CO2 setup. Might have to do it in phases. But, oh, so sweet to have delicious beer on tap. Good thing I’m finally working out again…

And speaking of working out, K’s big plans for the basement involve her free-standing punching bag – it’s a molded plastic thingy with a big base and a covered foam pad that goes on the top. You fill the bottom with water for weight, and you’re good to go, it will take all sorts of punches, kicks, and general workout abuse.

… but it’s all so far away… Still over a month.

Anyway, watch this place for further entries on the new adventure of home ownership! From unexpected bills to fun projects to those awesome "mysteries" that houses have – "what the heck is this switch wired to??", it’s all coming to you live from the Duo Team World Headquarters!

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