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Saturday, April 14th, 2007 at 5:15 pm

The conference is almost over, and I’m beat.  I’ve been blogging almost every session I’ve attended, which is fun but sometimes too much…  Hopefully a good record for us to look at after we’re back and go into a bit more depth on the interesting parts.  The laptap has been awesome.  :)

457840987_612e7c4d81.jpgBut it hasn’t all been work!  On Wednesday I took the afternoon to go to a local brewpub where I made best friends with the brewer and got hooked up with samples of a ton of their excellent beers.  My favorite was a blend of three beers – a robust porter that had been aged in bourbon barrels, a Belgian strong golden ale, and a brown ale for body.  The porter had been put on 50 pounds of raspberries and inoculated with Brettomyces, a wild Belgian yeast strain that gives a delicious sour funk, and the mix of these three together was simple amazing.  Yum.

459080383_6d84533c06.jpgFriday night there was a conference reception at the Exploratorium, officially my favorite place in the world.  I do love our local science museum, but this one is housed in an enormous warehouse built for a turn of the century World’s Fair — right next to these incredible columns at left.  The science exhibitions were extremely well done, engaging, and threated to take up my whole evening.  That’s me in some infrared trail room on the right.459068600_ae2703a404.jpg

Today I’ve been attending more session, blogging more, and then tonight we have one more reception before I leave bright and early.  Whew.  Looking forward to coming home.

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